Friday, 4 March 2011

Weekly quiz

We have entered an intense and exciting period in the admissions process. Those of you who are candidates for SAIS Bologna for the academic year starting in October, and who applied through the Bologna admissions office, have just had an interview or will be having one soon.

All candidates who have not yet been notified will be advised soon of the date and time of the interview. Some will be in person; others over the phone or via Skype. There is no advantage one way or the other -- in each case, candidates have a chance to put their best foot (feet?) forward. We have had two posts on interviews (here and here), and next week we plan to offer another.

The Admissions Committee will be meeting at the end of the month, and candidates will be informed of its decisions in early April. Then, the future.

An update on our pageviews: we have surpassed 9,000 since we launched in December. Last week we had record traffic. Thank you all for staying in touch, and please remember, we very much like to receive comments.

On to the quiz.

Last week Steven Arjonilla won the quiz through a bit of computer genius -- he uncovered the file name of the photo, which pointed him to former SAIS Prof. Enzo Grilli.

Live and learn, I say. This week there will be no such clue.

Who is the man in this photograph? And what did he have to do with SAIS?

As usual, the winner gets a free lunch at Giulio's caffè.

Next week we'll offer a video tour of our SAIS DC campus, a post on the importance of visiting speakers at SAIS and another on interviews.

Nelson Graves