Friday, 25 March 2011

Weekly quiz

Old habits die hard. (No, the quiz is not "Who wrote the lyrics to a 2004 movie of that title?") This blog is hardly three months old, and already I'm accustomed to giving readers an update on our readership each week.

Here is the list of countries with the greatest number of readers to date:

- United States
- Italy
- South Korea
- Greece
- Sri Lanka
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- France
- Brazil
- Japan

Is your country on that list?

Click on the placemarks to see the ranking of the top 10 countries.

We're definitely in the market for ideas for blog posts. We plan posts next week on internship/job opportunities, budgeting for graduate school and a look at a debate course run by American Foreign Policy Professor John Harper.

What would you like to see? We welcome your ideas.

Now, the quiz.

Who is the man in the picture and what does he have to do with SAIS Bologna?

Send in your answers using the comment section below. The winner gets a free lunch at Giulio's caffè.

Ivo, today

Ivo and Giulio

Nelson Graves