Monday, 28 March 2011

Giving back to SAIS Bologna

Students develop strong bonds at SAIS Bologna, both with one another and with the institution. The small size and diversity of the student body and the intensity of the experience create a special atmosphere. When they graduate from SAIS, they often want to give back.

The Advisory Council is made up of distinguished leaders from Europe and the United States who represent both the private and public sectors. The Council plays a major role in the life of the Center by providing operating advice and financial support. Many of the Council members are Bologna Center alumni.

Today we introduce you to Astrid Haas and Patrick Flanagan, who were in Bologna this past weekend attending the Advisory Council's annual meeting as junior members.

Astrid attended the Bologna Center in 2008-09 and then SAIS DC, where she received her master's in 2010. Patrick studied at the Center last year and is currently attending SAIS DC.

In the video below, Astrid and Patrick speak about their experiences at SAIS. In addition, Astrid discusses her current job as an economist in the Ministry of the East African Community, in the government of Kenya. Patrick's concentration at SAIS is International Development.

The overriding theme of their remarks is their desire to give back to SAIS Bologna. As Astrid puts it: "We all have a fantastic experience here, and we would all like to give back as soon as possible once we've graduated. But as a young person who has just started their career, it's not always possible to give back financially, but this way you're given an opportunity as a young member to be part of the Advisory Board for the Bologna Center to look at issues, where it's going in the future."

Nelson Graves