Wednesday, 24 August 2011

SAIS Bologna's new offspring: Bologna Institute for Policy Research

Who needs another think tank? Or another acronym?

Well, SAIS Bologna.

In fact the Bologna Institute for Policy Research is not a think tank. According to its director, Erik Jones, it is an organic extension of SAIS Bologna's mission and will help spread an understanding of the work that is done at the Bologna Center.

Prof. Erik Jones,
BIPR director
The Institute -- BIPR for short -- is the brainchild of SAIS Bologna Director Kenneth Keller. "The idea behind the Institute is to take what we do at the Bologna Center and do it a little bit better," Prof. Jones explains in the video below.

That means leveraging research done by SAIS Bologna faculty, both resident and adjunct professors, and making it more widely known.

"We want people to know what is going on in the Bologna Center," said Jones, who is professor of European Studies.

You'll see on our visit of the Institute that it's still in its infancy. Kathryn Knowles, who is helping get BIPR on its feet, takes us on a brief tour. The hope is that the Institute, housed near SAIS Bologna's main building, will begin to hit its stride by the start of the academic year in early October.

What's in it for SAIS Bologna students? The Institute will offer opportunities to learn from some of the world's leading experts. It will promote the name of SAIS Bologna beyond the confines of the Bologna Center. That cannot hurt students when they start looking for a job.

And for those seeking to earn a few euros while at SAIS Bologna, the Institute will offer part-time work.

This year's students have the good luck to observe BIPR spread its wings and to benefit from the opportunities it will make available.

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Nelson Graves