Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More winning photographs

Below are more victorious photos from the Bologna Center competition. Yesterday, we featured a photograph of Morocco by Nicolò Lanciotti, repeated below, which was the overall winner and winner of the Travel Category. Here are the names of the other winners and the categories:

Best in People Category - tie between Eric Leikin and Justin Clark (Morocco)
Best in Bologna Category - Aurélien Billot (Strada Maggiore)
Best in Italy Category - tie between Aurélien Billot and Euri Lee (Venice)

As our readers can see, there is a lot to photograph and film in and around Bologna.

Many thanks to Courtney McCarty, the Student Government Association and the participants.

by Nicolò Lanciotti
by Eric Leikin
by Justin Clark
by Aurélien Billot
by Aurélien Billot
by Euri Lee
Tomorrow and Thursday: a video glimpse of Bologna