Thursday, 10 February 2011

Your assumptions challenged

You won't find it in the curriculum, the library stacks or the course catalog. But it's very much part of the SAIS experience: the diversity of the student body.

The multiplicity of nationalities, languages and cultures makes for a special experience, wherever you are from.

The diversity enriches life inside and outside the classroom, as students share their experiences, opinions and knowledge. Beware: even your most deeply ingrained assumptions can be challenged.

As Amina and I sift through the applications that have arrived at via Belmeloro, we are impressed by the number of nationalities represented among our candidates. We are confident the SAIS Bologna class of 2012 will be as global in background and outlook as its predecessors -- if not more so.

Below is a map showing our candidates' countries of origin. Consider that many of them have lived in several countries or are currently living overseas. It makes for a dynamic mix.

View Applicants in a larger map

Our more alert readers may have noticed that yesterday we did not offer up the post we had promised on democratic development. Instead we focused on the next steps in the admissions process.

But next week we do intend to publish the post on the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development, one of SAIS's partners in Bologna.

Tomorrow: Weekly quiz

Nelson Graves