Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A smörgåsbord of careers

Where do SAIS graduates go to work?

This report by the Career Services office in Washington answers that question. It is based on a survey of last year's master's graduates. The highlights:

  • 40% went into the private sector, 23% into the public sector, 18% into nonprofit, 10% multilateral, 5% fellowships and 4% further study;
  • in the private sector, the leading destinations were consulting, banking & finance, energy, defense & intelligence;
  • of those who chose the public sector, 87% won jobs in the U.S. government, with 13% working for non-U.S. governments;
  • in the nonprofit realm, graduates favored international development, think tanks & research, education & training, trade & economics, and energy;
  • 58% of those who chose the multilateral sector went to the World Bank, followed by the Inter-American Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation;
  • more than 3 out of 4 graduates participated in summer internships, and during the academic year half of the students participated in internships.

Career options are important. We keep that in mind at SAIS, which considers itself a professional graduate school and which has Career Services offices in both Bologna and Washington.

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