Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Communicating with you

Odette Boya Resta is head of Communications at SAIS Bologna and Childe Costa is the Center's webmaster. Below they give a rundown on their office's work and note some resources that you might find useful as you consider graduate programs. We'll ask other Bologna Center staff, faculty and alumni to contribute posts from time to time. If you have any requests, you know how to reach us.

The Bologna Center Communications Office, in collaboration with its colleagues, aims to use the web as strategically as possible to do just that...communicate, with all of its constituents.

Who are these constituents? They are you -- prospective students -- as well as current students, parents, alumni, academics, media, friends and supporters.

For the past few years we have increasingly used our website for postings of publications like our print and online magazine Rivista; RSS feed for announcements of events happening here at the Bologna Center; multimedia products including our promotional video which provides you with a 'virtual tour' of our campus and city, and various SAIS social media sites like Facebook that connect you to the entire SAIS community.

Visit our multimedia page to browse our event audio files or link to SAIS iTunes where you can subscribe for free podcasts of events held on both SAIS campuses.

Since academics is the essence of our operation, our searchable faculty directory will tell you who's who at the Bologna Center while our BCNews page tells you about their publications and media mentions.

Speaking of academics, we are particularly proud of the student-run publication, the Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs (BCJIA) which brings together academics, policy makers and businesses with an interest in insight and analysis into the world’s most pressing issues.

Of special interest is the latest addition to our website, the BCCam, a real time view of the medieval city of Bologna from our very own penthouse terrace! Here is the view this evening:

 Stay tuned…

-Odette and Childe