Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Answers to your questions - Part II

Today we run a second Q&A aimed at addressing key issues facing candidates applying to SAIS Bologna for 2013-14. To read the first Q&A that ran last week, click here.

A reminder that the deadline for applications is January 7. If anyone has any questions, please send an email to

If you missed our online information session on December 19 and would like to listen to a recording of it, please send an email to

Q: How do I start my application?
A: Our application is online, and you can start here:

Q: Will you tell us if our application is complete?
A: Candidates will receive an email alerting them when their application is complete. If an application is not complete, we will notify the candidate after January 7.

Q: What are the next steps in the application process?
A: Here are the steps after January 7:
  • Financial aid applicants need to submit their requests and supporting documents by February 15. Here is the form for non-U.S. candidates applying to SAIS Bologna.
  • Non-U.S. applicants applying to SAIS Bologna will be interviewed by members of the Bologna Admissions Committee between mid-January and the end of February. We will be contacting applicants after January 7 to set up a convenient date and time. Some interviews are conducted face-to-face; most are done over the phone or via Skype.
  • Some non-U.S. applicants willing to start their studies at either campus will be contacted after January 7 to set up an interview.
  • The DC and Bologna Admissions Committees will meet in early March to take the admissions decisions and allocate financial aid. Candidates will be alerted by mid-March.
  • SAIS DC will hold an Open House for admitted candidates on April 10. SAIS Bologna will hold its Open House on April 15.
  • Admitted candidates offered aid will need to decide by April 20 whether to enroll. Those offered no aid will have until May 1.
Q: How will interviews be arranged? Where will they be held and when?
A: After January 7 we will take stock of the pool of candidates for SAIS Bologna and decide where we will conduct face-to-face interviews. Admissions Committee members generally travel to several cities in Europe as well as to Washington and New York to interview non-U.S. candidates applying to SAIS Bologna. But most interviews are conducted by telephone or via Skype because we do not expect candidates to travel long distances for the sessions and we cannot travel to the four corners of the globe.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?
A: The deadline for requesting financial aid is February 15, 2013. Non-U.S. applicants to SAIS Bologna should use this form. U.S. applicants use a different form (here).

Financial aid is awarded on the basis of need and merit. For more information on financial aid for non-U.S. applicants to Bologna, click here.