Thursday, 16 August 2012

The early bird gets the worm

Here's a small dose of procedural priming for those considering applying to SAIS Bologna.


Historically SAIS Bologna's deadline for applications has been February 1; you may yet encounter an odd piece of literature that has that date by mistake.

The new deadline for all applicants is January 7. This applies to all degrees and all nationalities.

Keep in mind that with our online system, you can start an application, save it and come back to it later. We're updating the application now and plan to have the revamped form ready by early September.

The earlier you start planning, the better. Some elements of the application take time to pull together: academic transcripts and letters of recommendation come to mind. You will want mull over your ideas for your statement of purpose and analytical essay. Questions you cannot foresee now will occur to you. Finally, you may want to leave yourself enough time to take the standardized tests more than once.

Some candidates can put together a dossier in very little time. But we find that the strongest applications come from those who have thought long and hard about why SAIS Bologna is for them. They have the best chance of getting in, and if they enroll they tend to thrive because they've thought things out in advance.

Mind you, not everyone knows in advance that they want to apply to SAIS. Some learn about us rather late in the process, and others take time to make up their minds. So it is not essential to start months in advance. In any case, we appreciate diversity!

FINANCIAL AID DEADLINE = February 15, 2013

If you want to apply for financial aid from SAIS Bologna, the deadline for requests is February 15. SAIS Bologna manages its own pool of aid, which is allocated on the basis of need and merit.

For more information on financial aid, click here.

Most students mix a variety of sources of funds to underwrite their costs: grants, loans, savings, earnings from part-time work. Rich uncles can help; so does creative thinking.

Candidates are urged to start exploring financing options early. While SAIS has its own pool of aid, many students receive grants from outside sources. For a partial list, click here.

Graduate school -- at SAIS or elsewhere -- is an investment for every student of time, energy and money. The truly determined candidates find a way to manage the challenge. If you have questions, be sure to ask them of us.


While most elements of the application will be sent to us online, including letters of recommendation which can be uploaded by the referees, transcripts need to be sent to us by snail mail.

Our Admissions Office in Washington will be receiving the transcripts and uploading them into our system. Here is the address where they should be mailed:

SAIS DC Admissions Office
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Questions? You can contact us by sending an email to, calling us at +39 051 29 17 811 or Skyping us at jhubc.admissions. Don't be shy.

Nelson Graves