Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Meeting our faculty: Prof. Moro

Our readers sent us some clear messages in our poll in June. One of them was that you want to know more about our faculty. That makes sense: faculty form a pillar supporting SAIS Bologna.

Without students, we would not exist. Nor would we without faculty.

Prof. Moro
There are five professors teaching economics and international relations this pre-term. The first to raise his hand when asked to be the object of a Dewar's-like profile was Francesco Moro.

(Dewar's profile? Anyone know what that is?)

What course are you teaching?
Theories of International Relations

Your degrees?
Laurea (MA), Politics, University of Florence (2003)
MA in International Relations, SAIS (BC04/DC06)
Ph.D in Political Science, University of Florence (2008)

Where have you taught?
I have been teaching at the University of Florence and at the Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences of the Italian Air Force.

Anything special about SAIS Bologna?
Well, many memories of the year I spent at the Bologna Center. I guess above all it is the friendly environment that surrounds a challenging academic experience. It's good to follow a very demanding course, if everyone seems very enthusiastic about it. Of course, the prospects of osteria afterwards help...

Your favorite book?
Very tough. Recently, Hilary Mantel's "Wolf Hall". I might even like very much David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest", if only I could finish it...

Several. In this season, riding my bike around Chianti.

A quote
"Moral indignation is a technique used to endow the idiot with dignity."