Friday, 13 May 2011

Weekly quiz

A reminder to those candidates who were admitted that the deadline for accepting the offer is Monday, May 16. To accept (or in the academic parlance, "matriculate"), please consult your acceptance letter. The class of 2011-12 is shaping up nicely -- more on that when the dust has settled.

We're going to be cutting back on the pace of our blog posts after May 16. We haven't yet decided how regularly we will post -- this is a work in progress, as most of you know. One thing we intend to do is to poll our readers for feedback to help guide us in coming months.

On to the quiz.

Why was the SAIS Bologna Alumni Weekend unable to take place as scheduled in 2010?

The prize: a SAIS Bologna tee shirt. (If you want to win, we'll need your shirt size -- via a comment or email.)

Nelson Graves