Thursday, 16 December 2010

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Thinking of attending a graduate school in international relations? Perhaps interested in the SAIS Bologna Center? Or maybe you have already decided to apply?

If so, this blog is for you. We try to give tips on applying and an idea of what SAIS Bologna is about. We welcome comments and feedback. We understand a decision about graduate school is a big one, and we would like to help.

Bologna under the snow
In earlier posts, we gave background on Johns (with an "s") Hopkins University, explained the differences and similarities between SAIS DC and SAIS Bologna, provided some tips on starting an application and on your statement of purpose and launched a weekly quiz. (Ilektra of Greece was the winner.)

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In coming days we will post:
- Tips on letters of recommendation
- A gallery of photographs of Bologna taken by current students
- A rundown on student social life
- Examples of student publications at the Bologna Center
- A note from the head of the Student Government Association
- An explanation of our Career Services office and alumni network
- A description of the economics and language programs at SAIS Bologna
- A note from the director of the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development
- Tips on standardized tests, CVs and financial aid

What do you think we should write about? Let us know. You can either comment directly on the blog, or write an email to me ( or to my colleague in Bologna Admissions, Amina Abdiuahab (

This blog is for you, and we'll tailor it to your needs.

Nelson Graves